Imad Zahid Nagi

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Nagi is a part of senior management, with over 15 years of work experience in local and international markets. His core expertise is in Financial Reporting & Management, Forecasting Fund Valuations, and the Development of financial and tax strategies. He has been a part of the strategic planning and execution of the key projects and has led several financial transactions over his tenure. He has also been part of the valuation process during the Merger and Acquisition of PICIC Asset Management Company and HBL Asset Management. Previously, he has also worked in KPMG, HBL Asset Management, and HBL, Mauritius. Mr. Nagi is a Certified Chartered Accountant and has done Masters in Economics from the University of Karachi. In his previous roles, he has overseen finance and valuation related aspects of funds with combined AUM of PKR 50 billion.